Celebrate National Poetry Month at ENG 217 Poetry Reading

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When: April 25, 1pm – 2:30pm.
Where: Massey 218

April is National Poetry Month, and what better way to celebrate than a poetry reading?

On Tuesday, April 25, the ENG 217 Creative Writing Poetry class will hold a poetry reading highlighting students’ work this semester. The reading is open to anyone!

Students will read from their best work this semester, and there will be an open-mic reading afterward, so bring your poems to share.

Check out some poems from the ENG 217 student below. We’ll see you Monday, April 25!


“Why I Came to Reynolds” by Kyle J. Dosier

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COMPASS proudly presents the winner of the Reynolds student essay contest, sponsored by the Multicultural Enrichment Council.

by Kyle J Dosier

I dropped out of a four-year liberal arts college in 2008, after two years. Academics were not the issue – my grades were just fine – but my family and I were out of money after a bad year of many hardships, and I felt unfocused in the environment there. I joined the workforce while my partner finished her degree, and we began nearly a decade of hard work together, working and living in central Virginia, struggling to start a life for ourselves. For many years, school seemed a luxury that was always out of reach; it took too much money and too much time.

“How Reynolds Will Shape My Future” by Preston Matson

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COMPASS proudly presents the second-place essay of the Reynolds student essay contest, sponsored by the Multicultural Enrichment Council.

by Preston Matson

There are certain small periods in our lives that exist as transitions, despite being cloaked in what appears to be stagnation and failure. They can only be seen in retrospect, and now that we are in the midst of March, I can see that I was in one such period during this past December, following the completion of my first semester of grad school. I had not undergone the intellectually stimulating and fulfilling transition back into academic life that I had imagined I would get by pursuing a Master’s degree in English at VCU. Yes, I had learned a great deal of useful skills that I knew I could take with me and use to my advantage as I chased my dream of one day becoming a professor of rhetoric and composition, but I had also seen certain things I couldn’t discount – things that tainted my rose-colored vision of life in academia at a liberal arts college.

“My Journey to J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College” by Michael Pittman

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COMPASS proudly presents the third-place essay of the Reynolds student essay contest, sponsored by the Multicultural Enrichment Council.

by Michael Pittman

Where do you plan to go to school next year? What are you going to major in? These are the two most detested questions that every high school senior must ultimately face. At the time, I had no idea, so my answer was the typical one you hear: “I don’t know.” The unknown is frightening, especially when it costs a colossal amount of money. As a result, I did what most high schoolers do—procrastinate. However, once I clicked the “submit” button on all of my college applications, I immediately felt like a tremendous boulder was lifted off of my shoulders, and now, all I had to do was wait.

Out of the seven universities I applied to, I gained admissions into six of them. Now, all I had to do was pick one, and I decided to matriculate into a public, medium-sized university located in eastern Virginia. Next, I had to decide what I wanted to study. After conducting research and doing some soul searching, I decided to double major in Neuroscience and Psychology. In August of 2016, my family dropped me off at my new home for the next four years, or so I thought.

Dear COMPASS: How should I email my professor?

Dear Compass,

This is my first time in college, and I’m kind of nervous about a lot of things. One of those things, believe it or not, is emailing my professors! Some of them seem cool. Some of them seem … uh … less cool? And some of my friends have said that professors get all worked up if you don’t email them “the right way.”

I didn’t even know there was a wrong way to email people. Help! How do I email my professors (without looking like I’m clueless)?


Scholarships deadlines coming soon. Get you application in!

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College is full of challenges, and one of the biggest challenges of college is paying for it.

What many people don’t know, however, is that there are tons of scholarships that can help with the cost of your education. The good news? There is a single common application for all available scholarships. But the deadline is April 15!

Take a look at some of the scholarships below, or better yet, read about all the scholarships here [PDF]. Let’s get to work! You can apply for all Reynolds scholarships here!