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Join Reynolds Community College’s official writing club.

Writers at Reynolds provides monthly opportunities for students of all abilities to write, share ideas, and collaborate on their work. Additionally, a positive, productive, and creative forum is established in which students feel comfortable taking risks, thus building confidence, as they develop their writing.

Club President Evan Massey wants people to know that “creative writing isn’t just about one form of writing, but all forms of literary art.” One member’s specialty is poetry, while another’s is fantasy fiction. Another member is working on a screenplay while maintaining a video blog updated with humorous reviews of video games.

Most recently, Writers at Reynolds has started a series of exciting themed events to get the creative juices flowing. Each event is centered on a central writing theme or element to spark creativity and discussion with a reading and film.

In October, Writers at Reynolds hosted a Halloween event that focused on the horror genre with a horror story competition and a video by Stephen King.

“I want to create a fun environment where people feel comfortable sharing their work while also learning something new about the craft,” Massey said about the new themed events. The Club still holds traditional workshop sessions, but these themed events serve an important role in providing writers with insight and inspiration into new writing styles through firsthand experience.

What’s next for Writers at Reynolds? “In 2016 we will be partnering with the HEART Club for a book drive, starting a biannual workshop event across Reynolds that focuses on all forms of writing, and seeking to formally publish our own annual magazine,” said Massey. “It’s truly a great time to be a writer at Reynolds!”

In December, Writers at Reynolds will host their final themed event for 2015 that will focus on writing for the holidays– A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc. The event will feature a brief film reflecting the theme of the holidays, caroling, and a lesson on writing holiday cards by Kevin Dilmore (Hallmark Senior Writer).

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