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Applications for the Honors Program due March 15!

Wondering how you can help your transfer application stand out? The Reynolds Honors Program offers students a chance to complete more advanced, complex work through classes designed to encourage critical thinking, independent research, interdisciplinary learning, and engagement.

Here are ten great reasons to enroll in the Reynolds Honor Program:

10. Make your transcript stand out
Honors courses are identified on your transcript, giving you an advantage on transfer applications.

9. Get a cutting-edge education
Honors classes aren’t more work—they’re a more exciting kind of work. Explore topics in more depth. Incorporate innovative teaching and learning strategies.

8. Stand out as a student
Honors classes encourage more student participation and leadership, giving you valuable experience.

7. Smaller classes = Classroom community
Smaller classes mean more collaboration and discussion, with students and professors working closely together.

6. Expand your toolkit
Learn to be an even better critical thinker, reader, and writer. Honors classes help you develop the skills you’ll need to be successful at four-year colleges or universities.

5. Expand your classroom
Honors courses stress learning through experience and “doing,” with field trips, service learning, and other activities built in to many courses.

4. Get the Big Picture
Interdisciplinary learning means you’ll gather insights from multiple subject areas, a critical skill in upper-level coursework.

3. Learn to Navigate 
Tired of feeling mystified by the research process? Honors instruction helps guide you through academic research, ensuring that you can produce thoughtful, credible work that is correctly documented.

1. Great expectations
Work with motivated peers to help each other produce outstanding, meaningful work.

Apply now! Use the Course Permission form on the Honors website to apply for a spot in one of the Spring 2016 Honors classes. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and students must have completed all developmental coursework to enroll in an Honors course (you may apply if you are on track to complete your developmental coursework in the Fall 2015 semester). Current academic performance will be considered in making enrollment decisions.

Designated Honors courses currently being offered include:

  • English 112 (Honors Composition II)
  • History 122 (Honors U.S. History II)
  • Biology 102 (Honors General Biology)
  • Chemistry 112 (Honors College Chemistry II)
  • Sociology 200 (Honors Principles of Psychology)
  • English 252(Honors Survey of World Literature II)
  • Philosophy 220 (Honors Ethics).

Even if you’re not part of the Honors program, you can still take Honors classes! Any student can apply for a seat in one of our designated Honors classes by using the Course Permission process. Honors courses will help your transcript stand out and will allow you to thrive in smaller classes with dynamic faculty & student interaction.

Questions? Contact the Faculty Coordinator of the Honors Program, Dr. Ashley Bourne-Richardson at

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