College can be confusing. That’s why you have an advisor. (You do! Trust us!)

But advising might not be the more straightforward thing in the world either. What if you need some advising about advising at Reynolds?

You’re not alone. Lots of students have lots of questions about advising. Questions like:

  • What does an advisor do?
  • Can I go to any advisor?
  • How do I find out who my advisor is?
  • How do I locate my advisor?
  • Do advisors wear special uniforms?

Here’s how it works.

If you haven’t decided on a program of study or has completed 30 or fewer credit hours, you can meet with an Academic Advisor in any campus Enrollment Services office. These Advisors can tell you about Reynolds policies, different program requirements, and services.

If you’re in your second year, have completed more than 30 credits, or are enrolled in a Certificate or Career Studies Certificate (CSC), you should meet with a Faculty Advisor in their selected program.

There are also Career, Employment, & Transfer Center Advisors who are available to help students find courses that will easily transfer to the institution(s) of their choice.

In addition, there are also Advisors available for everyone at the beginning and ending of each semester. Just ask someone in Student Services.

Find Your Advisor

Your very own Faculty Advisor is assigned to you at the time you apply to Reynolds, based on the program / curriculum you have selected.

Now here’s how you find out who your own Advisor is.

1. Log in to My Reynolds.









2. Click the second link in the middle, VCCS SIS: Student Information System.









3. Click Student Center in the upper left hand corner of the page.








4. On the left side of the next screen are five blue stacked boxes. The second to the last one says Advisor. Click that, and the information you need to find your Advisor should appear.
Now you can call or email your Advisor to ask a question, or, if you prefer, set up an appointment.














You also need to take your student identification number (EMPL ID) with you when you meet with an Advisor, and think a minute about what your goals are, and how much you can realistically handle in addition to college — how much time you spend at work, on outside interests, with your family, etc.

And in answer to some of your other questions, no, Advisors do not wear uniforms, nor do that have a secret agenda. They do have some training, though.

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