College Life
What’s the best way to prepare for finals? How can I get an “A” on my mid-term essay? Do I really need to see my advisor before signing up for classes?

Sometimes college seems like one big mystery, wrapped in an enigma, nestled in a box of question marks. It’s easy to think that everyone (except you, of course) knows exactly what they’re doing.

The big secret? No one knows it all. Succeeding in college often comes down to asking questions.

Beginning in April, we will feature a college-life advice column that explores student questions big and small. Everything is fair game — from questions about classes, grades, and study skills to larger issues like coping with the stress of college, life struggles, and future plans.

Do you have a question about college? Need some advice? Send us your questions, problems, complaints, grievances, and other free-floating thinky pains. Each issue of Compass, we’ll pick a few to answer.

Here’s how to contact us:

Send an email at, or, if you prefer to remain anonymous to Compass, leave a comment below.

All letter-writers will remain anonymous to our readers, and your contact information will never be published. Questions may be edited for length and/or clarity.

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  1. What are some advice would you give to students on study methods to preparing for a test or exam?

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