(Project 365 Day 356) I have an old globe that still lists East and West Germany, the USSR, and Yugoslavia.

Sometimes you just need a new perspective. That’s why the Reynolds history department is offering three new courses. Beginning this summer, you can sign up for Asian Civilization, Virginia History, and African Civilization!

Each of these courses fulfills the HIS or Social/Behavioral Science requirement for most degrees. (Be sure to double-check with your advisor!)

HIS 253 – Asian Civilization I

Taught by Chris Thomas, Asian Civilization covers China, Japan, India, Korea, and Southeast Asia from prehistory to the 16th century.

HIS 281 – Virginia History I

Professor Scott Maddrea covers in a semester what U.S History usually skims in a few weeks. Learn about Virginia from pre-Columbus to the end of the Civil War.

HIS 203 – African Civilization

Professors Spencer Duncan (online) and Sele Adeyemi study the African Continent from Mansa Musa to Mandela, from Egypt to the Cape, in both online and face-to-face sections.

Questions? Contact the following professors:

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