by Elizabeth Cornelius

I notice that people don’t question you if
you know what you’re doing.
Even if you’ve reached what you thought was the
highest level, there’s always another way up.
Don’t be afraid to disregard red tape.
I noticed that all walks of people are here on
Trees look like veins.
I noticed people traveled more in groups than
solo. Even construction workers.
Just because the sign says “Hard Hats Only” doesn’t
mean it’s dangerous.
Loose signs make me jittery.

East Parham road isn’t that busy around 11:20am.
Exploring makes me want waffles.
There aren’t too many cars in the lot
the day before break.
I noticed I’m a bit dehydrated.
People tend to do a half-assed job when no one
else is working. You’re basically invisible

when you appear to know what you’re doing.

Poem in response to an English 111 writing exercise. 

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