By Madison Doise

The Faculty Art Show is up and running! The colorful display is being held in the Workforce Development and Conference Center on the Parham Road Campus. I had the opportunity to sit down with Art History Professor Karen Steele, the curator of the show, and to hear what she had to say about the event and the art itself.

The show, which opened in May, goes through early October, so you still have time to stop by. The display consists of portraits, abstract paintings, and all around unique works of art. Professor Steele explained that every piece was created by the faculty and staff.

“Students will be able to see a side of the faculty they have not seen before,” said Steele. “It humanizes them.”

Not only does the art reflect the staff’s interests, but students can understand the art as well.  “You’ll see portraits of people you will recognize,” Steele said.

The portraits by art professor Tony Mullens are intriguing, abstract pieces that display the familiar faces of Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, and Maya Angelou. In fact, some of you may share the same interests as Professor Mullens.


Meredith Mullens also created portraits for the show; however, her style is more detailed and precise. Her paintings are beautiful and show many different emotions. As you will see, both artists approach the same type of skill in a different way, which makes this show so diverse and fascinating! Other artists include Monica James, Daniel Fenher, and many more.

Professor Steele has been invested in this project from the very beginning. She does not have her own work in the show. Her craft is teaching the history of art in classes such as Art 101 and Art 102, though she admitted that she may or may not put a quilt into the art collection.

Her devotion to art was evident when she said, “Art is a part of all of us. That means something to me, and a painting may mean something to you.” Her passion for art definitely rubbed off on me. From my experience, the art spoke for itself. Every painting had something different to offer, and I was very impressed. As a student, I recommend that anyone and everyone should stop by.

This event is open to everyone. Whether you are a part of the college community or the general public, anyone can find something that stands out to them, and can enjoy the quality of the art. This is the first show, but on November 1st, there will be another grand opening of an all faculty and staff art show, including teachers and administrators.

Madison Doise is a senior at Grace Christian School and is dually enrolled at Reynolds Community College. She has always enjoyed creative writing and plans to further her passion at Liberty University in the fall of 2017. 

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