Looking for the perfect class to round out your Spring semester schedule? Check out these courses!

From digital-age communication to Asian History to Creative Writing, these courses offer you new ways to explore your world while earning your degree. Be sure to sign up soon, as these course may fill up quickly!

ENG 111: Communication in the Digital Age

Has social media created new contexts or simply added tools to previously employed methods? These courses will explore the effects of the Digital Age on all forms of communication. Students will experience a variety of 21st century communication methods by writing publicly and privately across a variety of platforms including blogs, professional websites,  and social media forums (in addition to more traditional writing forms) to gain a greater sense of audience and opportunities in the Digital Age.

Some questions we will explore:

  • How do popular trends in communication impact global, national, and local communities?
  • How can one use social media to find, keep, and leave a job?
  • How does one mine social media as a source of reasonable information? Can a blog be as reliable a source as an academic journal?

PRC: ENG 111-07PR / MWF 8-850AM

PRC: ENG 111-02PR / MWF 12p-1250PM


 HIS 254: Asian Civilization II 

Learn about the history of China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia from European contact to the present day! If you’re a Liberal Arts or Social Science major, this course will satisfy your history or social and behavioral science requirement. (For other majors it will cover social and behavioral science requirements.)

PRC: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 – 10:45AM


ENG 217: Creative Writing Poetry 

“Poetry is life distilled.” So said Gwendolyn Brook. Want to spend a semester reading and writing poems? Join us in Creative Writing Poetry! In ENG 217, you’ll study poetic techniques and forms. You’ll be introduced to 20th and contemporary American poetry and encouraged in your own writing and publishing. This course uses a hybrid-workshop format, pairing the writing workshop with a critical study of poetry.

PRC: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 – 2:15PM






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