Reynolds welcomes its newest Professor of Spanish

With his summery smile and breezy manner, it seems that Spanish Professor Ernesto Quintero just stepped from the sunny shores of his native Venezuela. As the newest addition to the Reynolds Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, he began teaching Spanish full time at Reynolds this fall.

Quintero says that he enjoys his students at Reynolds.

“I like the idea of working at the college level, teaching adults,” he said. “They know they’re here because they want to take a different step.”

Quintero grew up in Venezuela. In addition to white beaches and clear waters, Venezuela features both mountains and plains. Quintero hails from the city of Maracaibo in the Western part of his country, and he returns every year to visit his large family.

His keen interest in language was awakened in high school, where he studied French and English in addition to his native Spanish. It was also at this time that Quintero became a tutor for fellow students, and discovered a passion for teaching. Fusing his love for language with his desire to teach set him on the road to his career in education.

“I like that my students are motivated,” he said. “I like that you can prepare a different range of activities to target a different range of intellectual abilities. I really like working with students at this level.”

Quintero currently holds a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, a field that focuses on the structure and origins of language, but also overlaps many other disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, and Forensics. In addition to Spanish, English, and French, Quintero wants to learn German and Chinese for their utility in the global marketplace, but he personally would like to study Hindi, Italian, and perhaps Portuguese. As you can see, he is very enthusiastic about his field!

“As a linguist said at a conference, monolinguism is the illiteracy of this century,” said Quintero. “If you don’t study any other different language, you are blocking yourself from communicating with other people in a global world. We live in this country—it’s a melting pot of different languages. So in terms of trade, in terms of expanding your own business, you have to expand your perspective.”

Prior to his arrival at Reynolds, Quintero taught at both the renowned Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School and Virginia Commonwealth University. While he has worked here at Reynolds as an Adjunct Professor since 2002, his full time position as a Professor of Spanish at both Parham Road and the Downtown campus ensures that he will be with us for many years to come.

So welcome, Señor Quintero—and buena suerte, bonne chance, viel glück, Zhù n ho yùn, saubhaagy, in bocca al lupo — Good luck!

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