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Since Reynolds was established in 1972, the college has seen the importance of tutoring opportunities within their campuses. At first, tutoring was done through individual funding. Then in 1998, the college decided to offer a center that every student could visit for free tutoring, provided by full college funding.

For the past 18 years, students and faculty alike have used the Academic Support Center, or ASC, for tutoring and job purposes. Ms. Bozeman is the head of the tutoring center at the Parham Road Campus, and she handles everything from interviews to the much-beloved payrolls. I had the chance to interview her to find out more about the ASC, and all that she and the other employees do on a daily basis.

The ASC is very open and studious, and I was greeted by a friendly face as soon as I walked in—that’s always helpful when walking into a new environment. I met Ms. Bozeman and she showed me some of the flyers and pamphlets outside the center. No matter the question, they can help! There are guidelines for those seeking tutoring as well as applications for students who actually want to become tutors themselves. They also have information on frequently asked questions, including where each ASC is located on Reynolds’ three campuses.


Ms. Bozeman has worked for the college since 1992, where she started as a reading specialist and later switched to the more administrative side of things. When asked about her favorite part of the job personally, she said it was the “student closeness,” and that she loved teaching. The ASC operates as a peer-tutor program where students, sometimes recommended by faculty, tutor other students. A variety of curriculum is covered — everything from literature to statistics and computer science — and sessions typically run 50 minutes each, the majority by appointment. Ms. Bozeman and the tutors do an excellent job of making sure every student gets the help they need to truly understand the material.

For those who want to become tutors, there is an application process, followed by an in-person interview. After that, if you’re selected to become a tutor, tax forms are filled out, and you’re officially put on the payroll to begin tutoring, ASAP. Ms. Bozeman handles the payroll, and tutors are paid by the hour through human resources. The tutors are trained before starting on the job, and the ASC annually does a “refresher” to keep tutors updated.

Anyone looking for tutoring should take advantage of this awesome opportunity the next time they’re on campus. Ms. Bozeman, along with the rest of the faculty and tutoring staff are all very welcoming, and equipped to help students in multiple areas of education and learning techniques.

Bryana Woodson is a senior at Lee-Davis High School and is dually enrolled at Reynolds Community College. She has a passion for writing both news and fiction, as well as editing her school newspaper, and hopes to continue doing so at The College of William & Mary in the fall of 2017. 

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