By Michael Avedis Pittman

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Professor William Ziegler grew-up learning to play the cello. Out of all the instruments, Mr. Ziegler decided to master the cello because he believes that it has a very “rich” sound and a “great, wide range.” In addition to being a cellist, he also enjoys photography and reading.

Inspired by his teachers in school, Professor Ziegler decided to pursue a career in education, and since he has a deep passion for reading, he chose to become an English professor. As a result, he attended Bucknell University, a top-tier liberal arts university located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Once he graduated with his bachelor’s, he matriculated into Syracuse University in upstate New York, where he pursued a master’s degree; however, he ended-up completing his master’s at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Thereafter, he completed some of the coursework towards his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, an ivy league school, earning a Certificate of Advanced Instruction.

For approximately 42 years, Mr. Ziegler has been teaching, and before coming to Reynolds, he has taught and worked at Syracuse University, a private military school, Ferrum College, Temple University, University of Mary Washington, and Averett University.

Of those 42 years, he has spent about 24 of them at Reynolds. He mostly teaches college composition, but he has also taught a plethora of other courses, including developmental English, English as a second language (ESL), technical writing, and intro to journalism.

According to Mr. Ziegler, his favorite part about being a professor, especially at Reynolds, is “the diversity and the variety you get from all ages, all cultures with all kinds of interests” because students receive multicultural viewpoints on every aspect of life.

For instance, he served as the ESL Coordinator for a short time, and he had to interview incoming students. While doing so, he met people from all walks of life, including a Russian physicist, Chinese professional opera singer, a Ukrainian professional ballet dancer, and much more.

Throughout his time at Reynolds, he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, and he also has seen the evolution of technology being incorporated into classrooms.

“Reynolds has done a really good job of keeping-up to pace with the educational and structural technology,” said Mr. Ziegler.

Additionally, over the years, he has learned that all college students don’t attend school with the same goals, preparation, or backgrounds; instead, each student is unique and different from one another.

Quick Facts:

  • Hobbies include reading, playing the cello, and taking photos
  • Has taught at Reynolds for about 24 years.
  • Taught at an all boy’s private military school for five years.
  • Values diversity and technology in the classroom.
  • Advises students to commit to their studies in order to be successful.
  • Loves the faculty at Reynolds.
  • If he could go back in time, he would still become a professor.

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