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When: April 25, 1pm – 2:30pm.
Where: Massey 218

April is National Poetry Month, and what better way to celebrate than a poetry reading?

On Tuesday, April 25, the ENG 217 Creative Writing Poetry class will hold a poetry reading highlighting students’ work this semester. The reading is open to anyone!

Students will read from their best work this semester, and there will be an open-mic reading afterward, so bring your poems to share.

Check out some poems from the ENG 217 student below. We’ll see you Monday, April 25!


Olivia Carter


her brother pleaded to call him Malcolm,
and the preacher agreed.
so her sister spent seven-and-a-half months deliberating
before deciding to baptize him Martin.
when her boy reminds them both “it aint make no difference,”
her thoughts drift to his old baby shoes.

back to those summers on her mama’s porch,
working the nightshift as her Brother’s Keeper.
when brutality was the block’s secret
and survival the family stone.
and finally to the man she lost to the cavalry,
whose name she gave her son.


Rebecca Law


We are living sixty-four thousand
three hundred twenty feet away from
each other. At the peak of us we
shared the same heart beat. At the break we
became different melodies. Now,
our music drifts to the same location in the sky.
I think I can hear the
echo of your radio against
mine, infinitely together, yet
I wonder if we are both driving,
listening to Tori Amos, looking
out at the winding road, and singing
“She must be worth losing if she is worth something”

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