Who is Professor William Ziegler?

By Michael Avedis Pittman

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Professor William Ziegler grew-up learning to play the cello. Out of all the instruments, Mr. Ziegler decided to master the cello because he believes that it has a very “rich” sound and a “great, wide range.” In addition to being a cellist, he also enjoys photography and reading.

Bienvenido, Señor Quintero!


Reynolds welcomes its newest Professor of Spanish

With his summery smile and breezy manner, it seems that Spanish Professor Ernesto Quintero just stepped from the sunny shores of his native Venezuela. As the newest addition to the Reynolds Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, he began teaching Spanish full time at Reynolds this fall.

Quintero says that he enjoys his students at Reynolds.

“I like the idea of working at the college level, teaching adults,” he said. “They know they’re here because they want to take a different step.”

Dear COMPASS: I Need a Job!


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Dear COMPASS: I love college, I love my classes, and I even love being a Liberal Arts Major. But I’m kind of freaking out! Even though I’m doing really well in school, I’m worried about getting a job. I know all about history and literature and psychology, but how does that translate into . . . you know . . .  an actual career? What should I do in college to make sure that I’ll have a good job? Help!

A. Practical

Get help now! Reynolds Academic Support Center offers free tutoring

By Bryana Woodson





Click here for the tutor request form [PDF]

Since Reynolds was established in 1972, the college has seen the importance of tutoring opportunities within their campuses. At first, tutoring was done through individual funding. Then in 1998, the college decided to offer a center that every student could visit for free tutoring, provided by full college funding.

For the past 18 years, students and faculty alike have used the Academic Support Center, or ASC, for tutoring and job purposes. Ms. Bozeman is the head of the tutoring center at the Parham Road Campus, and she handles everything from interviews to the much-beloved payrolls. I had the chance to interview her to find out more about the ASC, and all that she and the other employees do on a daily basis.

Student Advice Column: Are Office Hours for Real?

Office bookshelf


My professors keep talking about office hours, but Im not really sure what they are, or even what theyre for. Am I just supposed to show up and hang around my professors office? What would we even talk about? Plus, were all busy, so whats the point? I keep hearing that going to office hours can be a really good thing, but I just dont know. Are office hours even a thing?




When was a student, I too once looked askew at the office hours posted on each syllabus I received (which I then tucked into a magical folder with the power to somehow transfer all contents to a completely different dimension). But your professors are right—office hours can be invaluable to success in college.

To explain, let me tell you a story about the power of office hours.