From Z’s to A’s

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Your Guide to Good Sleep and Better Grades

Stressing out about your G.P.A.? One simple change in your daily habits can boost your grades—plus help you lose weight, enhance your looks, enjoy better health, sustain energy, and even live longer.

For most people, making this change is easy, even enjoyable. And it’s absolutely free, no strings attached.

10 Reasons to Apply for the Reynolds Honors Program

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Applications for the Honors Program due March 15!


Wondering how you can help your transfer application stand out? The Reynolds Honors Program offers students a chance to complete more advanced, complex work through classes designed to encourage critical thinking, independent research, interdisciplinary learning, and engagement.

Here are ten great reasons to enroll in the Reynolds Honor Program:

What does a “W” really mean?

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Everything you really need to know about withdrawing from a course.

Sometimes, life outside the classroom can affect life inside the classroom. For whatever reason, you might not be able to finish a course. In those situations, you might need to withdraw.

But do you know what a “W” really means? Before you submit the paperwork, make sure you understand the effect of a “W.”

Write Your Pens Off–with Writers at Reynolds!

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Join Reynolds Community College’s official writing club.

Writers at Reynolds provides monthly opportunities for students of all abilities to write, share ideas, and collaborate on their work. Additionally, a positive, productive, and creative forum is established in which students feel comfortable taking risks, thus building confidence, as they develop their writing.